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„Hardwood Science and Technology”

The 5th Conference on

Hardwood Research and Utilisation in Europe

Sopron, 10-11th September 2012

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University of West Hungary,

Faculty of Wood Sciences, Sopron

University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna

Department of Material Sciences and Process Engineering



Once again, we are inviting scholars and professionals to participate, present papers and posters at our Hardwood Conference.


The conference will feature international speakers, technical and poster presentations on various topics related to hardwoods, including:


Ø Growing hardwood species

Ø Structure and properties

Ø Quality and Sorting

Ø Drying and modification

Ø Processing & utilisation

Ø Biodegradation and preservation

Ø Hardwood in composite materials

Ø Energetic utilization of wood

Ø Product design and marketing










Overview of the Program



10th Sept 2012 (Monday)


Registration + Coffee


Welcome speeches


Session I  Structure & Properties (A)

Chariman: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Oskar Faix

Tamás Hofmann, Tamás Rétfalvi, Wibke Unger, Verena Krackler, Melanie Wetzig, Peter Niemz

Relations between selected chemical properties and wood durability as well as mechanical features of thermally modified wood.

Peter Niemz; Tomasz Ozyhar and Walter Sonderegger

Selected physical and mechanical behaviour of sycamore maple (Acer pseudoplatanus L.) and European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.)

Markus Hauptmann, Stefano D’Amico, Christian Hansmann

Surface modification of oak wood with Tricine

László Persze, László Tolvaj

Superposition of thermal- and photodegradation for wood monitored by colour measurement

Csilla Csiha, Éva A. Papp, József Valent, Levente Csóka

Feature of contact angle of ageing Beech and Birch surfaces

Nencho Deliiski

Computation of the specific heat capacity of frozen Poplar wood during its defrosting


Coffee Break


Session I  Structure & Properties (B)

Chairman: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Marian Babiak

Tomislav Sinković, Slavko Govorčin, Tomislav Sedlar

Comparison of physical properties of heat treated and untreated hornbeam wood, beech wood, ash wood and oak wood

Slavko Govorčin,Tomislav Sinković, Tomislav Sedlar,  Bogoslav Šefc and Iva Ištok

Properties of trunk and briarwood of Erica arborea L. from island Rab

Hanadi Mohamed Shawgi Gamal, Claus-Thomas Bues

Anatomical, Mechanical and Physical Properties of Two indigenous Hardwood species grown in Sudan

Gerhard Grüll, Igor Scotland, Irene Spitaler, Martin Teibinger

Haptics of Wooden Flooring Elements - Influence of Temperature Sensation and Surface Roughness

Hanadi Mohamed Shawgi Gamal, Abdel Azim yassin Abdelgadir, Claus-Thomas Bues

Variation in Wood Fiber Characteristics Among Thirty Two Hardwood Species Grown in Low-Rainfall Wood land Savannah (Sudan) (Poster)

Tobias Dietrich, Alexander Pfriem, Beate Buchelt, Andre Wagenführ

Densification of beech wood: Furfuryl alcohol impregnation for improved plasticization, fixation and properties (Poster)

Sándor Fehér, Szabolcs Komán, Róbert Taschner, Zoltán Börcsök

Increasing the value of hardwood veneers by heating treatment (Poster)

Miklós Bak, Róbert Németh, Norbert Horváth

Wood modification at the University of West Hungary (Poster)


Coffe Break + Snack


Session II  Quality & Sorting

Chairmen: Dr. Levente Dénes & Dr. Zoltán Pásztory

Ivan Sopushynskyy

Diagnostic model of European beech with wavy-grained wood growing in Ukrainian Carpathian

Stefan M. Stängle, Franka Brüchert, Udo H. Sauter

Quality assessment of beech logs using CT-scanning technology

Emilia-Adela Salca, Ivan Cismaru

Roughness of black alder wood surfaces after milling and sanding

Rebecca Happe, Steffen Rust, František Hapla

The suitability of sonic and electrical resistance tomography for
the ring-shake detection in standing Sweet chestnut trees

A. Teischinger, M.L. Zukal, T. Meints, C. Hansmann, R. Stingl

Colour characterization of various hardwoods

Joris Van Acker, Jan Van den Bulcke, Maaike De Ridder, Agathe Dié, Benjamin Toirambé, Dries Vansteenkiste, Wannes Hubau, Denis Van Loo, Manuel Dierick, Bert Masschaele, Yoni De Witte, Hans Beeckman and Luc Van Hoorebeke

Microdensitometry of hardwood using helical X-ray tomography

Maria Cristina Timar, Emanuela Beldean, Anca Varodi, Octavia Zeleniuc

Aspects of beech wood (Fagus sylvatica) degradation after 7 years exposure in a modified L-joint test - a comparison between non-destructive and destructive evaluation

Behzad Bazyar, Alireza Aminzadeh

Water absorption, Color Changes and Photostability of Benzoylated Beech wood Veneer




Session III  Processing & utilisation & Composite materials

Chariman: Prof. Dr. Joris Van Acker & Dr. László Bejó

Jörn Rathke, Hermann Huber, Alfred Teischinger, Ulrich Müller and Christian Hansmann

Yield, cost and process analysis of different sawing technologies for the processing of small diameter hardwood

Hermann Pleschberger, Robert Stingl, Christian Hansmann

The influence of different dimensions on the drying rate of oak

Juris Grinins, Vladimirs Biziks, Bruno Andersons, Ingeborga Andersone, Errj Sansonetti

Influence of the hydro-thermal treatment on chemical composition, physical and mechanical properties of ash-tree wood

Željko Gorišek, Ales Straže

Influence of drying potential on moisture content gradient, drying stresses and strength of beech wood

Julia Mihailova, Viktor Savov

Effect of pressure at hot-pressing on properties of fiberboards produced by hardwood spices

Riegler Martin, Weigl Martin, Harm Michael, Rathke Jörn, Wimmer Rupert

Influence of hardwood on the vertical density profile and fracture energy of particleboards (Poster)

Ágota Ott, Róbert Németh, Péter Takáts

Colour change of Robionia and Poplar wood depending on moisture content and drying temperature (Poster)

Jörn Rathke, Maria Huka and Manfred Gronalt

Optimising the Log- Yard Planning and Crane Scheduling – problem solving by means of EXCEL and XPRESS (Poster)

József Ábrahám, Szabolcs Komán, Zoltán Börcsök

Discolouration of wood due to application of glues (Poster)


Industrial Visit (Swedwood Furniture Factory)


Gala dinner

11th Sept 2012 (Tuesday)


Session IV Market potential & Resources

Chariman: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. František Hapla

Björn Seintsch, Holger Weimar

Actual situation and future perspectives for supply and demand of hardwood in Germany

Juha Rikala, Marketta Sipi

Research and industrial utilization of domestic hardwood species in Finland

Peter Rademacher, Simon Eichhorn and František Hapla

Production, Marketing and Utilization of Sweet chestnut
(Castanea sativa Mill.) Wood in the Haardt region

Gábor Benke, Zoltán Pásztory

Utilization of poplar instead of coniferous in light frame wall constructions

Grzegorz Jednoralski, Hubert Lachowicz

Harvesting rate of hardwood species and trends of changes in the species composition of forests in Poland.

Levente Dénes, Elemér M. Láng

Modification of hardwood veneers by heat treatment

Norbert Horváth, Károly Csupor

The protective effectiveness of dry heat treatment on Turkey oak against fugal decay

András Molnár, Norbert Horváth, Róbert Taschner

The effect of dry heat treatment on physical properties of Acacia mangium and Acacia auriculiformis from Vietnam

Mátyás Schlosser, László Bejó

Utilization of poplars for different purposes (Poster)

Barbara Reichhold

Results of the Competition Novum Buche - Novum Beach - Holzcluster Steiermark


Visiting the Natural Resources Research Center





Scientific Committee


Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Marian Babiak - Technical University Zvolen

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. František Hapla - Georg-August Universität Göttingen

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Niemz Peter - Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich

Prof. Dr. Željko Gorišek - University of Ljubljana

Prof. Dr. André Wagenfuehr - Technische Universität Dresden

Prof. Dr. Marketta Sipi - University of Helsinki

Prof. Dr. Joris Van Acker - Ghent University

Dr. Maria Cristina Timar - Transilvania University of Brasov

Dr. Grzegorz Jednoralski - Warsaw Agricultural University

Prof. Dr. Julia Mihailova - University of Forestry-Soa

Prof. Dr. Sándor Molnár - University of West Hungary - Sopron



Organizing Commitee


Dr. Robert Nemeth

Prof. Dr. Alfred Teischinger

Dr. Christoph Buksnowitz

Marie Louise Zukal

Jozsef Abraham

Miklos Bak



For more information contact:


Dr. Robert Nemeth

University of West Hungary


Bajcsy Zs. u. 4.



Phone/fax: +36 99 518 152



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The conference was supported by the European Union and co-financed by the European Social Fund in frame of the project "Talentum - Development of the complex condition framework for nursing talented students at the University of West Hungary", project ID: TÁMOP 4.2.2.B-10/1-2010-0018